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Gruppo De is an IT consultancy specializing in technology solutions designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and gain competitive advantage for our customers. We build our solutions on the experience and best practices of our technology experts.  Our staff can offers a range of technical expertise in .NET Technologies. We are specialize in custom application development, mobile application development, enterprise integration, collaboration and portal technologies and website design and development. 

Increase your business in Italy
We are your best partner... -

If your company decided to involve us on some of their projects and/or with the support of new customers in Italy, it would be in our interest to assist you in this particularly delicate phase of new customers acquisition. We already successfully adopt this methodology for manufacturers of other types of products, we can drive your business in Italy and provide all the necessary informations.

Learning with us... -

Depending on your existing IT knowledge, we can provide you  our Essential or Advanced Class course levels from the IT programmes listed below.

• Word Course;
• Excel Course;
• PowerPoint Course;
• Publisher Course;
• Outlook Course;
• Internet Course;
• Networking Course;

We are already providing a courses in some High School in Italy.

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